Happy 4th! (New Material!)

Happy Holiday everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July. In my last blog, I said that I wanted my next write (this one) to be about my vacations and work trips -- however, I have a new topic related to some new material. My NEXT one will be about my vacations and work trips! 

Today, I put out a short new video called "Summer In The City". This video is a brief mashup of  two unreleased songs by Raleigh artist Darren Alexander. Darren is an up and coming rapper and producer in the area and I have had the pleasure of becoming good friends with him. I always believe in being cordial in my professional endeavors, however becoming "friends" with clients can be a bad move sometimes. My friendly nature (along with my young age probably) towards some clients has backfired on me many times, but I can say Darren has become a good friend and our chemistry has shown in the content we have collaborated on. We believe this one is our best project yet and we're pretty excited about it. I won't say much about the actual video itself -- instead, I would rather you guys just check it out! We decided to drop it today to coincide with all of the holiday cheer. The video is below. As always, thank you for reading and be blessed.