San Francisco

Hello! I was recently in San Francisco for about 6 days on a leisure trip visiting family & friends. I had been to the bay area two times previously and had not been a fan of it at all. It was always cold, dreary and windy amongst other things. Also, the hills are very aggressive on walkers. However this trip was very enjoyable. The weather was nice and there were many things to do. I decided to bring my camera along and take photos of whatever cool things my eye captured. Here are some photos below. Take a look! 

Also -- I was recently asked to be an interviewee on a Chapel Hill/Carrboro radio station to share my stories on my career to this point as a photographer and videographer. I've never done anything of this sort, as public speaking is not exactly my forte, but i'm very excited to share! It will be video recorded and potentially shared on the People's Channel in Chapel Hill & Carrboro, and Durham Community Media as well.  My segment will air on Friday, January 5, 2018 and will go from 6-6:30pm. For all my local NC folks, I invite you to tune in. Be blessed.