Prime Music Festival - 4/14/18

Prime Social Group came to Raleigh this past Saturday and put on a small one day festival at the Red Hat Amphitheater downtown. They're a concert promotion company based in Michigan that produces music events throughout the East Coast. Since they were coming from a good distance for Saturday's event, I was connected with them through a local marketing coordinator to see if they needed an in-house photographer for their event here. Shortly after chatting with them they decided to hire me for the day. I was given the rights to run their Instagram account with my work for the next couple of weeks & had "all access" around the venue for the day so it was definitely fun putting that to use! It's always a great pleasure to experience people taking a liking to my work and I plan to work with the agency for events they produce in other regions in the future. Check out some of my photos from the day below! Have some really fun events coming up and i'll always update my music-related work on my music page! Thank you for tuning in and per usual, be blessed.